Project 52 – 9 Spring Flowers

Sometimes you have some great images right in your own backyard, as is the case for this weeks images. We had noticed there were several flowers that had made themselves visible. The wind has been blowing very hard all week and today was no exception. I went to the studio to get some gear I would need to photograph these little flowers. Some of the gear I like to use while photographing flowers is a shoot through white umbrella, reflector, and a black piece of material for the background.

close flower web.jpg 

The sun was very bright on some of the flowers, so the umbrella makes that harsh light very soft which makes the colors of the flower look really nice. I like to photograph the flowers with their natural background as well as a dark background. While you are there you might as well take as many images as you can. More flowers to come in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more images.

spring flower 3.jpg