Project 52 - 8 Pedestal Rocks (will add photos soon)

I had run out of days in the week and it was time to get out Sunday afternoon to try to get some images.  I called my friend Bob to see if he wanted to go along and he was ready for an adventure.  We started out and it was a cloudy day, but when we arrived at the Pedestal Rocks area the sun was out and no clouds were around.  It’s a good day to go for a hike anyway and maybe we will see something to photograph.  Rain from the previous day had made the trail muddy and wet and it was slippery walking.


We made it to the waterfalls area, which has a overlook area with guard rails around the bluff to keep people safe.  Water was running down the creek, but not at a fast flow.  There were several waterfalls down below us and decided to see if we could find a safe way down to the bottom.  We followed a trail to the right of the trails that lead us to a nice waterfall.  We photographed the falls for a few minutes and could not find a safe way to get down to the falls below.  Bob hiked up te trail a ways to look for a way down.  He spotted a way down across the canyon area we were at and it looks a little easier to do.  We went back to the falls and went a 100 yards or so and found an old road to take us down to the falls area.  The light really sucked right now, so I doubt we would be able to get any good photos on this trip today.  I was up for a hike down to the creek area below.

There were some nice areas to photograph in the right light, but not today. We snapped a few images and they were bad as we had suspected.  We meet another hiker on the way down and he was looking very tired as he slowly made is way back up the bluff.  Bob and I had decided to head back up and take the trail along the rim of the bluff.  I think this area is known as Kings Bluff?  The trail runs right along the edge of the bluffs and leads you along the neat rock formations that are famous in this area.  There are trails that lead you down below the bluff line if you want to view the formations from below.  I will have to come back here when the leaves are al lout and green.

tornado rock.jpg

We made it back to the main trail and hiked our 1.1 miles to reach the next bluff of interest.  This bluff has some unique rock formations as well as a natural bridge and some caves along the bluff.  You can spend hours here exploring the area.  I will have to come back when I can spend some more time here. As you make your way back to the trail head, you will come across a very unique area that has a large pedestal as well as a cave with a unique formation.  The cave is held up by this unique twisted rock I call “Tornado Rock”.  After you see the image you will understand why I call it Tornado Rock.  Of course you could call it “Twisted Rock” or what ever, I don’t know if it has an official name or not.  This unique rock formation is quite a sight to see.  Rock formations like this are all over the Ozarks if you know where to look.  GPS cords for Tornado Rock are N 35 42.699, W 093 01.148. Enjoy!