Project 52 - 6   Spring Lake

 It's another cold and cloudy day as I head out to my destination today, Spring Lake.  It seems that throughout this project so far it has been raining or cloudy.  Well, I must get out and photograph in all weather and seasons...that is what this project is all about.  When I arrived, I noticed the park was closed for the season and had to drive around the back side of the lake to get to the dam.

The dam is a huge rock dam that you can walk across or play in the water running over the spillway if the weather is warm.  This is an impressive old bridge and very photogenic at that!  I take a few images from the top of the dam and head to the parking area just below the dam.  It is a rough road, but I thing most cars should get down here without too much trouble.  The wind is really blowing and the temperature feels much colder than when I started out this morning.

I quickly find a spot just below the falls to set up my tripod and camera on the slippery rocks.  After taking several images I headed back to the truck to get my new photo friend, James the travel gnome.  James is a Travelocity Travel Gnome that I purchased online the other day.  I thought I would do something wacky and document his travels.  I found the perfect spot to place James on and adjusted my camera to get the best view of James and the falls.  Is this crazy, photographing a Gnome?  Yes! And I am having a blast!  After James gets his first portrait, I head on down stream to find another waterfall to photograph.  I will need to come back here in the spring to get some images here.  There are lots of photographic opportunities all around this lake, you should check it out.

spring lake 2 web.jpg 

To get there take highway 23 from Dardanelle to Danville.  About midway you will find the little town of Chickalah and just a few miles past the town you will see a sign to Spring Lake.  It is about 7 miles from highway 23 to the lake.  If the area is closed, or you don't want to pay, take a right and follow the road on around to the dam.  You will keep left when you get to all the intersections and you will end up at the dam.  GPS coordinates for the dam parking area are N 35 08.928, W 93 25.539.  Have fun!