Project 52 – 5 Tea Table Rocks

On page 44 of Arkansas Nature Lover’s Guidebook by Tim Ernst, there is a description on how to get to these cool rocks. This bluff area known as Home Valley Bluff is one of the most picturesque bluffs you will see in Arkansas. To get to this area you must walk down a road owned by Edd French of the Buffalo River Realty in Jasper, Arkansas. So, to find this area you need to pick up a copy of Tim’s book and he will guide you there.

tea table web.jpg 

I am not sure of the best time to be here to photograph these unusual rock formations. I was at the worst time of day, but you have to take what you get sometimes and make the best of it. I was in the area and thought I would see what they looked like. Sometimes you have to go back to an area many times before you get what is in your mind. So I don’t mind photographing it to document it as well as sharing it with you. This bluff line is very nice to explore and be careful in this area because a fall would result in death. There are numerous waterfalls below the bluff line and Tim has the details in his book on how to find them.

Later in the day I headed to the Boxley area to see if the Trumpeter Swans were at the beaver pond located near the highway. As I approached near the pond I was amazed to see these big birds at the pond’s edge. There is a mother and a year old swan with his mother. The father was found by a farmer early this year and something got him, so they are at the pond alone this year. I was hoping to get some late afternoon light on the pond, but the sky was overcast and I did not get my wish. I had some company while I photographed and was there for about two hours before I decided to leave for the day. The light was not as nice as I would like, but it was good enough to photograph the swans. After all, I have no images of swans and needed to photograph them. I’ll post a few in the gallery for you to look at.

tswan2 web.jpg 

No trip to the Boxley area would be complete without taking a photograph of the Walnut Grove School located next to the Boxley Baptist Church. GPS cords for this school are N 35˚ 58.246, W 93˚ 24.351.

walnut grove web.jpg