Project 52-4  The Glory Hole

Today Jan 29, 2007 I was headed to one of my favorite water falls in the area to photograph, The Glory Hole. This unique area has a mountain stream that runs down into an area known as Dismal Hollow. As you go down the stream about a mile or so, it has bored a hole into the creek bed and flows to an underground cave just below the bluff. The best time to visit is right after a hard rain, but after about a week of rain it was still running good enough to photograph.

It was about 20 degrees when I left the house for the hour long drive to The Glory Hole. One thing nature photographers forget to do is go back to the same area and photograph it at different times of the year. I usually visit this area in the spring time, but today I needed to see how it looked in the winter. There was a chance for ice around the falls, so I would need to be careful and take my time just below the falls. Some one slipped through the hole one time and had to be taken out by a helicopter. In remote areas it is a good idea to let people know where you are going as well as when to expect me back. I give her detailed maps with GPS coordinates on them if I can so she can let some one know where I am. I have lots of friends with GPS receivers and I am sure they could find me.

glory top web.jpg 

At the falls I stopped and looked into the hole at the top of the falls and saw there was a small amount of water flowing in the creek. This would be enough to make a nice photograph I had hoped. I carefully made my way down the bluff line to the under side of the bluff where my prize would be. It takes my breath away every time I am at this falls. What a site to see! I spent about an hour photographing the falls and the area around it and then made my way back up the bluff to the top of The Glory Hole. There was more stuff to photograph there and I spent another hour there before looking for a Geocache that was about 300 feet from the falls. I found the cache and headed back up the hill. The parking area for this waterfall is at N 35° 49.703 W 093° 23.436. There you will take a dirt road down to an old sign and continue on to the falls at at N 35° 49.320 W 093° 23.599. Go to Tim Ernst’s web page or go to your local bookstore and look for his waterfall book. If you visit his site, let him know I sent you!


Here is an image of me at the glory hole a few years back with lots of water flowing.