Project 52 – 3 “Circles”

The weather has not been good to me for my last outings so I had a few hours at the end of the day to go look for something to photograph. I took my Canon 10D (my old digital SLR) with me today on this trip. I had about 2 hours before the sun went down and thought I might have a shot at some ducks today. I drove to Lake Dardanelle State Park and there were a few ducks in the water. They let me get close, but they were in the shade and it was making them very dull looking in the water. I gave up there and headed to a Game and Fish launching area for boats located near Arkansas Nuclear One near London, Arkansas. The sun was about 30 minutes from setting and I took a walk in the woods to see what I might see. A few minutes into my walk I found a beaver pond and a VERY worn trail leading to the river. Looks like Mr. Beaver likes this area! No images to shoot here due to the low light.


I headed back to the edge of the river across from the nuclear plant. My hopes were to get a great sunset of the plant, but that was not going to happen. I looked near the water’s edge and saw two rocks poking out of the water. As the boats would go by and make waves, these cool circles would start at the rocks and make their way out. This was very cool and I snapped a few images and it looked good. Back at home I turned the image sepia and liked what I saw. Stay tuned for more images.