Project 52 – 2  (Pouroff Falls)

Jan 12 2007 it was a raining and the forecast calls for rain the next three days. If I am going to get my photo for the week it is going to be difficult. I have some time today, so I head out to a water fall I saw while I was out geocaching. It is up Highway 103 on the way towards Oark. I stopped off at a little country store on the way to get a Diet Coke and some Baked Lays chips for a snack. The fog was beginning to form at the base of the mountain due to all this warm weather we have had over the past few days. The cold front is on its way and it will be foggy tonight.

I get to the pull off and park the car and get things ready to go photograph this little falls. The rain has started and I get my umbrella that mounts to my tripod. This is a unique umbrella! I did not pay $19.95 for it, not $15.95, but just $4.95 at Wal-Mart. It attaches to those folding chairs every one has and uses in the summer. This is just the trick to use for photographing in the rain. I walk to the falls and it is running good, not it’s full potential, but should make a nice image. The fog is forming along the banks of this small creek. I hope I can capture this unique scene that is happening before me.

As I get my photo gear all set up, several cars go buy and I am sure they are thinking “What is that idiot doing in the rain?”. I look over my shoulder and smile at them as they go around the hair-pen turn and say out loud “Photographing of course!”. I thought the camera of obvious, but you can’t fool some people.

I look at the scene and find the best spot for my photograph. The rain has picked up, but not too much to photograph in. The umbrella is doing the trick and works great! I am doing exposures of about 2 seconds at f/16 to blur the water. I look at the preview at the back of my camera and determine it to be good. I take a few more images and am pleased with the little falls. I set up the self timer and snap an image of me at the falls. After some more photographing I get out my video camera and do a short film of the area. I decided to video all my project 52 spots also. Should be a fun project!

Here are the GPS coordinates for the falls: N 35° 36.055, W 093° 35.029.

For those of you that Geocache, there is a Geocache here at the falls called “The Pouroff” it is GCMN6C so enjoy the falls.