One of the neat places to go in San Diego is take the bridge over to Coronado Island to check out the beach and the famous  Hotel del Coronado.  The view of the Pacific Ocean is breath taking from the hotel.  Built in 1888, this old hotel also is said to have ghosts that roam about the hotel.  Walking in the gardens, this paticular bench caught my eye.  After having a sit and resting there for a few minutes, I realized I must photograph this bench.  With the beach in the background I was reminded of what it was like back in the late 1800's when the Hotel del Coronado was full of life.  I turned the image sepia to match my mental picture of the scene.  The air was so fresh and the teperature was in the 60's and lots of people were starting their day on the beach.  Kids looked for crabs, and other creatures near the tidal pools, while joggers ran by in their own little world listening to their iPODS.  A great way to start the vacation!