PS 52 - 11 Artistic Masters

While out at the local lake the other day Geocaching, I was intrigued by the graffiti at the lake's spillway.  I shot several images of the graffiti on the walls and was caught up in the colors and abstract designs.  Took a few images and looked around for a Geocache in the area.  After finding the Geocache and signing the log, I walked up to the edge of the the lake up on the levy.  At the top I looked around the lake and saw several people out fishing.  Looking back at the spillway I was amazed to see this large rock painted like a skull.  I was all around this rock while Geocaching and never saw it!  I was amazed that I had not seen this neat work of art.  I photographed it and laughed to myself about being a blind photographer.  I actually walked on the rock and never saw it.  Open your eyes Mark!

Skull Rock.
artistic masters.jpg 
Artistic Masters.
I applied a plastic wrap filter in Photoshop to the image to make it more 3-D looking.