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Yellowstone elk in early morning light.

The circus of photographers continued as we went to Yellowstone.  On this morning there were so many photographers and tourist's around it was crazy.  We waited around and this buck came out from the shadows of the mountain to come out and look for some more ladies.  As he did, he stepped into the nice morning light and I was able to get this image.




Barn in morning light.



This fall Kevin and I went to the Tetons for some fall colors.  It had been about ten years since we had been there.  The first day we went to the barns and there must have been 50 or 60 people showed up for the sunrise image.  The tour industry as well as the amount of people with camera's are causing some of the popular areas to become over crowded.  As the crowd disappeared and went to the next place or off to breakfast, Kevin and I just hung around.  Ten years ago this same thing happened, sunrise did not last long and was blocked by clouds of an incoming storm.  Everyone leaves, but we hang around waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds and light up the barn with the dark background.  Then it happened for about a minute and we were there to catch the action.







The Nars



It has been a while since I had a chance to go out and photograph.  I had a leg injury that made it difficult to get out in the wods.  Now I have recovered and am out exploring.  This shot is from my GoPro HD camera taken at the Nars on the Buffalo River.  It is a narrow ridge that is high above the river.  About 3 feet wide, this narrow wall seperates the river from the valley feilds.  Spectacular views of the Buffalo River can be seen here.

The Nars as seen from the walk across from the other side.  Canon 7D with polarizer used for this image.  I also did a video of the walk across I will post the link.

Video of the Nars