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Barn in morning light.



This fall Kevin and I went to the Tetons for some fall colors.  It had been about ten years since we had been there.  The first day we went to the barns and there must have been 50 or 60 people showed up for the sunrise image.  The tour industry as well as the amount of people with camera's are causing some of the popular areas to become over crowded.  As the crowd disappeared and went to the next place or off to breakfast, Kevin and I just hung around.  Ten years ago this same thing happened, sunrise did not last long and was blocked by clouds of an incoming storm.  Everyone leaves, but we hang around waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds and light up the barn with the dark background.  Then it happened for about a minute and we were there to catch the action.







Off to Grand Teton NP & Yellowstone

Kevin and I are headed to Grand Teton Park Friday for a long awaited vacation.  We will meet up in Jackson Hole, WY and photograph there for a few days.  I will be going there with my new GoPro Hero3 as well as my other camera gear.  This is the first trip back since I have been shooting digital.  Ah yes, back when Fuji Velvia and an enhancing filter was in every photographer's bag.  Should get a chance to post some photos and video as much as possible.  See ya soon.