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Yellowstone elk in early morning light.

The circus of photographers continued as we went to Yellowstone.  On this morning there were so many photographers and tourist's around it was crazy.  We waited around and this buck came out from the shadows of the mountain to come out and look for some more ladies.  As he did, he stepped into the nice morning light and I was able to get this image.




Barn in morning light.



This fall Kevin and I went to the Tetons for some fall colors.  It had been about ten years since we had been there.  The first day we went to the barns and there must have been 50 or 60 people showed up for the sunrise image.  The tour industry as well as the amount of people with camera's are causing some of the popular areas to become over crowded.  As the crowd disappeared and went to the next place or off to breakfast, Kevin and I just hung around.  Ten years ago this same thing happened, sunrise did not last long and was blocked by clouds of an incoming storm.  Everyone leaves, but we hang around waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds and light up the barn with the dark background.  Then it happened for about a minute and we were there to catch the action.







New lens came in today!

I am still old school and my full frame camera I have been using for years is a Canon 1Ds, yes one of the original digital pro camera's.  I use it a lot for landscapes and it still pumps out some awesome images, but in low light and long exposures there is a lot of noise.  Most of my wildlife images have been taken with the Canon 40D and the Canon 7D.  The images are great and there is very little noise form these two camera's.  The crop factor is 1.6 on these camera's, which works out great for wildlife images, but not so good for landscapes.  My 17mm lens is only a 27mm lens on the 40D and the 7D.  Not much of a wide angle!

I decided I would buy a new lens rather than spend $2500 on a new 5D MKII.  I bought the Canon EFS 10 - 20mm  f/3.5 - 4.5 USM lens.  This is not an "L" lens, but it has very good glass as the price is around $839.  I understand Canon would not give it an "L" designation because it will not fit any of the "professional" camera's in Canon's line.  The 1D MKIV uses an "H" size sensor rather than a "C" size sensor that the 40D and the 7D share and will only fit the APS "C" size camera's.  I needed to go wide and this will be the equivalent to a 16mm - 35mm on a full frame camera.  This should work out just fine for my California trip in September.