Back from California!

Made it back from California a few days ago and just had a cahnce to start looking at images.  Kevin and I did some light painting on the trip and I am trying to figure out the best way to process those images to reduce noise due to the high ISO and long shutter speed.  I should have some images posted soon.  I had a lot of fun, but am glad to be back home!



Off to California!

Kevin and I will meet up in California tomorrow to start our photography trip to Mono Lake, Death Valley, Alabama Hills, and other places in the area.  I hope to post from my iPhone while on the trip.  I am using posterous spaces to link with my blog in the hopes that this will work.  This is my test post to see if it will link to my blog.



New lens came in today!

I am still old school and my full frame camera I have been using for years is a Canon 1Ds, yes one of the original digital pro camera's.  I use it a lot for landscapes and it still pumps out some awesome images, but in low light and long exposures there is a lot of noise.  Most of my wildlife images have been taken with the Canon 40D and the Canon 7D.  The images are great and there is very little noise form these two camera's.  The crop factor is 1.6 on these camera's, which works out great for wildlife images, but not so good for landscapes.  My 17mm lens is only a 27mm lens on the 40D and the 7D.  Not much of a wide angle!

I decided I would buy a new lens rather than spend $2500 on a new 5D MKII.  I bought the Canon EFS 10 - 20mm  f/3.5 - 4.5 USM lens.  This is not an "L" lens, but it has very good glass as the price is around $839.  I understand Canon would not give it an "L" designation because it will not fit any of the "professional" camera's in Canon's line.  The 1D MKIV uses an "H" size sensor rather than a "C" size sensor that the 40D and the 7D share and will only fit the APS "C" size camera's.  I needed to go wide and this will be the equivalent to a 16mm - 35mm on a full frame camera.  This should work out just fine for my California trip in September.



Planning stages for a trip to California!

Looks like Kevin and I are going back to California to Mono Lake, Death Valley, and some other locations this fall.  I love going out to the Racetrack and photographing those mysterious rocks.  There were some other areas we did not get to photograph while in Death Valley, so I hope we can spend some more time out there this time.  I may buy a new lens before we go, but I will have to see what I want to do about that.  We are going after try some night time images at Mono Lake if the conditions are right.  I am sorting through my gear right now to see what I am going to take.



Time for those McNeil emails!

This is the time of year I get lots of emails about McNeil.  I have written a lot here from previous trips, but have not got my info up for my 2010 trip for various reasons, but will try soon to get some info up.  Feel free to email me about specifics you have about McNeil.  You don't need a lot of expensive gear to get great images at McNeil.  With today's DSLR's you can get a quality image on a budget if you know how to use your camera and equipment.  Best of luck!