New Gallery Images

I have added a few images from my 2003 Alaska trip in Denali National Park.  We stayed at the Hawks Nest for 5 days and were able to get these spectacular images of Wonderlake.  If the mountain is out, there is no other place to be than at the Hawks Nest.  Just 1/4 mile walk to the lake!  What a site to see.  I will upload my journal from my 2003 trip soon.



Paid Member!

After some thought and looking at other sites I decided to make my nature photography blog here at Squarespace!  I love the simple layout and clean look of the templates here.  I hope to make this site a very active one as well as useful for the reader.  While we (Kevin Ferris) have another comercial site for Ozark Images, this site will be a little different.  I will try to update you on trips, tips and other items that I do here when I go on my nature trips.  While I have been keeping an updated journal at Livejournal, I plan on keeping this one going as well.  My livejournal site is for my motorcycle trips as well as the daily grind at the studio.  I hope you will find both journals of help to you.

My format here will to try to be informative as well as offer you some new ideas as well as tips on nature photography.  I am all digital, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I have been 100% digital for the past three years and I keep learning something new everyday!


Love Squarespace!

I have decided to become a paid member of Squarespace!  I like the layout as well as the professional look.   I will update my account in a few days and start changing the way this place looks!  I have been working on my photography website for the studio and have not had much time to devote to this journal.  I have some cool images to share with you, so be patient and you will see some cool stuff!




Another test entry

While Squarespace is very simple to use, It lacks some documentation.  If you join up I wonder if you get access to other options.  There are limited styles to pick from.  It is not as good as Typepad from what I can see.  Typepad wants to charge you for a 30 day "free" trial.  I was looking through their information and it looks like it is very easy to use and with lots of templates and styles.  All of these weblogs are new to me as of about two weeks ago.  This is all new to me, but I am ready to learn.


First entry

I am excited about finding Squarespace to host my photo weblog.  I love the sleek and clean style.  Looks very professional and clean.  Some weblogs hosts put all kinds of crap such as advertising and other annoying crap to prevent your journal from looking nice.  I have 30 days to check out the features here at Squarespace, and so far I like it.  It took me about five minutes to figure out all the modules and they way they layout everything.  After that, it was very easy to navigate through the sections.

I hope to post information about trips, new photos, as well as tips on using your new digital camera.  I will also include Photo Shop tips from time to time for your enjoyment

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