Working on website.

It looks like I made a lot of posts from a previous blog site called Posterous, which was bought out by Twitter.  I am going to try to replace the images that are not showing up or delete the posts over the next few days.  Maybe will get to post some images from my last trip.



Off to Grand Teton NP & Yellowstone

Kevin and I are headed to Grand Teton Park Friday for a long awaited vacation.  We will meet up in Jackson Hole, WY and photograph there for a few days.  I will be going there with my new GoPro Hero3 as well as my other camera gear.  This is the first trip back since I have been shooting digital.  Ah yes, back when Fuji Velvia and an enhancing filter was in every photographer's bag.  Should get a chance to post some photos and video as much as possible.  See ya soon.


The Nars



It has been a while since I had a chance to go out and photograph.  I had a leg injury that made it difficult to get out in the wods.  Now I have recovered and am out exploring.  This shot is from my GoPro HD camera taken at the Nars on the Buffalo River.  It is a narrow ridge that is high above the river.  About 3 feet wide, this narrow wall seperates the river from the valley feilds.  Spectacular views of the Buffalo River can be seen here.

The Nars as seen from the walk across from the other side.  Canon 7D with polarizer used for this image.  I also did a video of the walk across I will post the link.

Video of the Nars







Zabriskie Point, Death Valley



Zabriskie point is one of the most photographed places in Death Valley.  If you can hit it just right, the sunrise images here are great.  We waited around, but never got a great sunrise, but we did get some nice light in the early morning.  The clouds were a bit too much for the sun to peak out, but it was a nice scene.


Mobius Arch



Here is a shot of Mobius Arch in The Alabama Hills just before sunrise. The Alamama Hills is located a few miles from the town of Lone Pine, California. The Alabama Hills is where most of the westerns were filmed as well as some of the space movies. Mobius Arch is one of the draws to the area and is really nice in the winter with snow on the mountains. I will have to come back here at a later time of the year next time.

Equipment: Canon 7D with Canon 10-22mm lens. Post camera processing in Nik Color Effects Pro and Photoshop.



Me at Mobius Arch.  The arch is not as big as you imagine from the photos take of it.  It is a wide angle shot and you need at least a 20mm lens to get a good image.  That's good to know before you go!