Camp Life at McNeil



Here is a shot of the camp cook house photographed by Lucas.  There is a picnic table and a few benches outside to use if the weather nice.  Of course, if the weather is nice the bugs are out!

big view.jpg 

A view just a little bit above camp.  Clouds are usually around most of the time at McNeil, or at least when I have been there.  This is a view near high tide and as you lok out across the bay, that is the area the bears are at.


A view of the rangers cabins at McNeil as well as some of thier work areas.  To the far left of the photo is our cook shack.  This photo was taken near the outhouses just outside camp.

camp view.jpg 

Built a few years ago this viewing platform attached to the side of the cook shack offers a great view of the area.  On a nice day you can view the bears fishing in the inlet to the bay.  This is a nice addition to the McNeil camp.  This platform was not there on my last trip and I really like it!


The path from the cook shack leads to the McNeil sauna.  This is one of the best keept secrets at McNeil.  Nothing fancy, but after 8 hours hauling your camera gear out in the sedge flats, this is a real treat.  The pond to the left is where we get water for the sauna.  The water has a black color and is not suitable to drink, but is great for bathing.


The view of the sauna from the pond.  There is room for several campers in there at one time, but most just use it one at a time.  The rangers at McNeil also enjoy the sauna from time to time.  There is a small woodstove inside that takes about an hour to heat up.  Once heated, it is a popular spot at camp just before bed time.


The pond view from the sauna.  A wooden walkway to the pond to make it easy to get water for the sauna.  If you are there at the right time, the flowers on the lilly pads will be in bloom.


The outhouse at McNeil.  Bear comics of every kind are on the walls for your viewing while doing your business.  Not much else to talk about....


Lucas warming up by the stove after a wet day bear viewing.  There are some stoves there at camp for your use and they work great. They are pictured there in the background.


Lucas and Kevin playing chess to pas the time away.  Reading and working Sudoku puzzles were the order of the day.  A good way to wind down for the day.


The stove at McNeil warms your soul as well as your wet gear.  Not a lot of heat output, but it is nice to sit around and warm your feet up.  Of course, the rangers bring over the fire wood and we take turns splitting the fire wood for the stove and the sauna.


The axe and splitting blocks for wood splitting here at McNeil.


The modo here at McNeil "Bad weather always looks worse through a window".  So, that means lets get off our butts and get out there in the weather.  We did this each day, even though the weather might be bad.  This is posted on the door as we leave the cook shack.


 The trash generated by the campers is stored here in this building and flown out on the float planes if they have the room and weight to spare.  These type of structures have been used by hunters and fishermen in Alaska's outback for years to store supplies.


View from below looking up the ladder.


Some of the "homemade" chairs just outside the camp.  At the end of the day or early in the mornning, the bears will walk by just below this hill.  It is very neat to be this close as the bears walk by.  I must say the view by it's self is very nice too!

camp visitor.jpg 

Here is one of those bears just napping outside the camp.  Very nice!

camp visitor2.jpg 

These guys are all around the camp and will show up at anytime.  Have your camera ready!  They are fun to photograph while around the camp.

 camp fox.jpg

 You are sure to see fox in the area around camp.  They are a little shy, so you have to be paitent to get photos of them.

mark water.jpg 

Me on the way with Kevin and Lucas on out 1/4 mile journey to the creek to get drinking water for the camp.  Everyone pitches in around camp to get the chores done.

getting water.jpg 

Lucas reaches into the cold water to fill the water jugs.

water run2.jpg 

The sign leading us down the right path.  The creek has high bear activity so you must be very cautious and on the look out for bears in the area.  Bears are often in the area, and if they are we return to camp till they move on.

kevin water.jpg 

Kevin totes the water back to camp in the trusty wheel barrel.

More pics to be added in a few days......