Snap Shots from Arches National Park


 After years of not uploading my images I decided to upload a few and will continue to finish adding images as time allows.  The following images are snap shot images taken with my Fuji S1 Pro while at Arches National Park.  Most of my images were taken with the Canon 10D for this trip and will be loaded in a gallery for this section.  I wrote a journal, but never got around to finishing it, so I will try to transfer as much of that information here.  Enjoy the images!
me 3 gossips.jpg
 One of the first things you see as you drive into Arches National Park is this very strange rock formation known as the "Three Gossips".  They tower over the road leading into Arches National Park as if they are the guardians of the park.  Very large formations and they look great against a sky filled with clouds.

This image was taken from across the road and up the hill a little ways from the road.  Although the sun is high in the sky, it makes a great time of day to photograph these old guardians. While it is great to get a great image of every thing you see at arches, don't forget to take some fun images along the way.  Sometimes those are the ones that help us remember our trips.  That is what this section is all about.


balanced rock.jpg 

Arches has some of the neatest landscapes you will see anywhere.  As you drive toward some of the areas, don't forget to take in some of these scenic vistas.  A storm was passing by and it was the perfect opportunity to take this ominous image.  If there was just a blue sky there, the impact of the image would not be as great.  You never know when the sun will open up and shed it's light on the rock formations.  You have to be quick, because they don't last long.  The double lines in the print are a trick I use for prints to have that art gallery look.  I will do a tutorial on this technique and post it here.

devils garden area.jpgAnother must see area of Arches National Park is the Devil's Garden area.  Here these eerie spines of rock protrude out of the earth like fingers reaching for the sky.  At sunset these fingers glow red like in the image to the left.  A polarizer is a must for getting these deep reds and blues you see all around you.  You won't believe the colors here at Arches NP.  We were here in the Fall and there were not too many tourists around, which is OK with me!



The windows area of Arches NP is one of the MUST SEE parts of the park at sunrise.  The windows reminds me of something you would see in Lord of the Rings or some epic tale where the hero of the story are going.  Just through the "eyes" there has to be a damsel in distress.  That's just the feeling you get from this place.  The red you see in the image is the actual color of the rocks at sunrise.  It is one of those places you just stand in awe as you take up the sights of this landscape as the sun continues to rise.  Just after sunrise you will see bus loads of tourists climbing through the windows like ants.  So this is an early rise shot and it is well worth it!

 sunset 2.jpg

 The sunsets are spectacular in Arches National Park!  The above image has had no manipulation, it is right out of the camera with nothing but a polarizing filter.  The reds and oranges are so vivid at sunset and sunrise.  It is the most pectacular part of the day in my opinion.  If you visit Arches, take the time to plan out where the best spot for a sun rise and sun set would be when you are out scouting around.  I took a few notes and will post them when I get a chance.



broken arch.jpg

Broken Arch is at the end of the park near the camp ground and is a great spot for sun rise images.  If you catch the light just right you can get the arch with early morning light and get the fins in the background lit up.  It is a popular spot for early morning photography, so get there early to pick your spot.  This arch does not have a lot of room to get back, so bring your wide angle lens for this shot.


delicate arch.jpg 

 No trip to Arches would be complete without the hike up the mountain to Delicate Arch.  A tough hike, but well worth the trip.  The arch was lit just as a storm had broke which provided some dramatic light on the arch.  It may take several trips up the mountain to get the perfect shot.

More images when I get a chance.