Day 9: Lucas and I Return to Homer Saturday, June 24, 2006

We awoke to a sunny day and no rain. Isn’t it Murphy’s Law that determines good weather on our last two days here and we can’t go photograph bears?! Such is life! With the sun out, we went to the observation deck near the camp to view the bears and our fellow campers. The salmon were running today and the bears were out fishing. Just our luck! We watched with binoculars and a spotting scope as the bears played and fished in the river.

Loose Ends

Lucas and I spent most of the day packing things up and drying out my tent. After it all, my tent and I survived the rain and wind of McNeil. It wouldn’t be long now, until we were to be on the plane, headed back to the real world. I hit the sauna today after everyone left camp for the falls today. It’s not quite a bath, but I do feel a little cleaner than I did yesterday. Still, I am more than ready for a hot shower, some real food and I really need some caffeine! The plane arrived, bringing two more campers, and it was our turn to leave this place once again. I hope to return here again soon…Well, I hope to win the lottery again!